共享飞He saw major issues of gentrification and segregation in Washington beneath the surface of rapid urban renewal

机亮相Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus is the infectious cause of this neoplasm西安观The couple was listed for the discovery of the Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus (KSHV), also known as human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8)


众空中This year's Nobel prizes will be announced starting from October 2, with the ceremony lasting one or two weeks, said the Swedish Academy on its official website体验打Each year, analysts at Clarivate Analytics mine millions of citations in the Web of Science, an online subscription-based scientific citation indexing service, to identify top-tier researchers in physiology or medicine, physics, chemistry and economics共享飞Professor Chang is a Co-Director of the Tumor Virology Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute机亮相Chinese-American Yuan Chang, 58, joined the list of physiology or medicine laureates, together with her husband Patrick S西安观com]Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, announced its 2017 Citation Laureates - scientists whose publications have been cited so often by their colleagues that they could be recipients of a Nobel Prize this year or in the future

众空中Tsien (1952-2016) got his Clarivate citation prize of chemistry in 2008, before he co-won the Nobel honor in chemistry at the same year, with Osamu Shimomura and Martin Chalfie, for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein (GFP)体验打Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is the most common cancer in HIV-infected untreated individuals共享飞It also extends to boosting Sino-South Korean economic ties and helping the province's poverty-stricken areas

机亮相We didn't expect that we would come to love the country as much as we do," said Cho, who speaks fluent Mandarin西安观Over the last 21 years, South Korean teacher Cho Sung-hye has contributed much to the friendship between the people of her country and China众空中"China is developing very fast and will play more important roles in the world体验打The improvement of the people's confidence itself is one of the biggest achievements

"Nowadays, flights connecting Hefei with Incheon in South Korea are available five days a week, and the situation is improvingA teacher of Korean at Hefei University in Anhui province, Cho has helped to boost the two countries' ties in multiple aspects - not just in education


The two countries must promote cooperation in many areas, but how can cooperation go well if our next generation doesn't understand Chinese?" Cho askedIn 2002, she became the first person from her country to receive China's Friendship Award, the highest honor given to foreigners by the central governmentCho's reputation is not limited to education, howeverBefore they became major officials, dozens of years should have passed and they should have collected enough experience to tackle seemingly tough problems

In the runup to the meeting, China Daily asked a prominent South Korean teacher to talk about her experiences in promoting educational improvements, business cooperation and people-to-people understanding in her native country and her adopted homeIt was unforgettable because my family watched the relay in South Korea in 1988 but didn't get the chance to participateWhat are your expectations for the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China? What are the key issues you care about most? I think China loves peace more than some of the developed countriesShe has helped more than 3,000 students from Anhui to study in her country, and more than 1,000 were given job opportunities there

"At the peak, I had 21 relatives living here, and there are still 12 of them now," Cho saidI was one of the torchbearers for the Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in Hefei in 2008


Dozens of universities are located here, including the University of Science and Technology of China, one of the country's best," she saidMore policies should also be made to attract more foreign talent to work in China

"There were even South Korean businessmen who intended to invest in Hefei but decided to invest in Shanghai and Nanjing instead, as they found the two cities to be more developed," she addedHow to make the other countries believe a rapidly developing China is not a threat is really a tough issueAnd she has brought even more students from South Korea to China"In the past 21 years, I have witnessed great development achievements in China, and I believe the five years to come after the pending 19th CPC National Congress will bring the country a more prosperous futureShe also serves as an economic counselor for the Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area, where Hefei University is based, and the Hefei High-Tech Industry Development ZoneThe younger one attended Anhui University of Chinese Medicine and earned bachelor's and master's degrees there

When we were living in a community about 10 kilometers away, we could seldom see the hill from the windowWhat's the most memorable experience you've had in China, or related to China? Unforgettable experiences in China are many

Within a year, she moved to the city with her husband, Park Nam-gyu, and her sonsThe latest example was a 2016 donation of 20,000 yuan ($3,000) to four high school graduates in Hefei's Feidong county who had been enrolled at universities but were about to give up for lack of money

I hope it can play a more important role in world peace in the futureThe couple found employment quickly at Hefei University and began teaching Korean the next year

The university was the first in the province to have such a courseTravelers had to change flights in Shanghai or Nanjing, Jiangsu provinceI don't believe the Western countries' political practices could work in China, though many of them are considered successful by the Westerners themselvesOne of the results is that the Chinese people are more confident than ever about their country's development

After about a year in Hefei, Park took a job in the United States and tried to persuade Cho to give up HefeiBefore coming to China as an adult, she worked at Soon Chun Hyang University as a teacher

President Xi puts a lot of emphasis on environmental protectionImpressed by how the history teacher had influenced her son, Cho has encouraged Chinese students to go to South Korea

"When the eldest of my two sons was in the third year of middle school, his history teacher, who had some experience in China, suggested the students go to live there and have a close look at the old country," Cho saidLetting them work here can make better use of their contribution, and also working in a country can give the foreigners more opportunities to develop a more profound understanding of the country

In the urban area of Hefei, there is a hill called Dashu HillWhat's the biggest challenge China faces, and how do you think the country should go about overcoming it? The biggest challenge could come from the changes"Nowadays all the primary schools in my country have made Chinese-language courses available to students," said Cho, who was believed by some local media to have given the strongest push to the achievementEditor's Note: The Communist Party of China will hold its 19th National Congress on Oct 18

And she was the first South Korean citizen to gain permanent residency in China in 2006"Now I often accompany Hefei officials to South Korea for business recruitment and students for educational exchanges," Cho said

In recent years, I have received numerous awards from the Chinese governmentI believe that in the coming five years, the gap between coastal and inland regions will be narrowed

"My husband and I came to China - to Hefei - to fulfill my elder son's dreamIn 2000, with Cho's help, the Banyang Elementary School - in which she had studied - began teaching Chinese


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